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Installation Guide

Composed by @ghostinthecable

Secsuite has been built with user-friendliness in mind, however I cannot guarantee a smooth install until I have all of the kinks ironed out. That being said, following are some installation tips for users trying it for the first time.

Once downloaded, or cloned, you will see within the package secsuite-production a script named
which will configure the directory paths for you.
It will move SECSUITE into the default directory: /root/scripts/SECSUITE/ as follows:
*Please note, for optimum results, you will be required to be a sudo user or root for a guaranteed clean install.

Once you have pre-configured the directory structure, you will be free to start using or installing components.
The most popular package in SECSUITE is inframon which is able to monitor various environment components, such as:
• Apache Status
• Bandwidth Monitor
• CPU Load Averages & Temperatures*
*Currently working on enabling more compatibility on the Temperature Monitor, as there are known issues with Virtual Machines & Raspberry Pis.
• Disk Monitor
• Memory Monitor
• Network Latency (Web & SSH Server Ports as default)
• Logged Users

Each component has its own installer, however you will be able to install each component one-by-one by executing: