Welcome to Secsuite.

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Hello There

Welcome to Secsuite

Secsuite began as an in-house monitoring tool during deployments of new hosts & services.
Since then, I have:
Tightened threasholds to the max
Created easier confirguation & interactive menus
Added error logging where it really matters

Days of Development
Lines of code
Total Packages
Million attacks mitigated

What it Does

Secsuite monitors infrastructure seamlessly, allowing you to focus on what really matters: your business.

Latest Release:

GitLab Repository:

Download Latest .tar.gz (v080820A)
Download Manual (PDF) (v080820A)

Install Anywhere

Secsuite allows users to install component-by-component, all at once or even Auto-Discover new nodes on LAN. Support for nodes using public IPv4 addresses will be added in a future release.

Package Contents

Secsuite contains multiple packages within, including:
+ Inframon Advanced w/ Telegram Notifications
+ LEROY File Manager
+ System Monitor w/ SMTP Notifications
+ imgPassAuth (Entropic Credential Generation)
+ Livemon (Detects SSH Brute Force Attempts)
+ Logblocker (Blocks IPs based on Brute Force Attempts)
+ NEW Webinspector (Apache Web Server Log Inspection)

Monitor Viewing

Users will have the option to present the data from Inframon in Grafana or in the Secsuite Windows Portable .exe (x64).

Contact Me

Reach out for more info, or just say hello